Welcome to onetwentytwo

My name is Tricia and I am a homeschooling momma of three boys, Jesus freak, and new hobby homesteader that loves essential oils, mocha lattes, and my husband…not necessarily in that order. My husband and I recently purchased a house on ten acres in Northern Virginia and began our journey into sustainable living.

My vision for this blog will be to combine all of the aspects of our lives into what I hope will become our lifestyle journal…homeschool adventures, autism, recipes, and farming all in one.

I maintain another blog, my passion that started out many years ago on a smaller free blog site that transferred over to my domain, Autism and Salvation. There I share more candidly about keeping my sanity throughout the day to day life with a couple of ASD kiddos. Most of our days run relatively smoothly. And on some days the inmates run the asylum. There, I don’t hold back the sarcasm or the stories involving poop.

But here, I hope to share the stories that give our lives meaning. Whether or not I get people interested in reading about our lives is not my intent. In fact, it never really has been about that for me. Writing is therapeutic for me. As a kid I wanted to be a writer. I taught myself to type on an old typewriter that had no ink in the ribbon until I colored the length of the ribbon with a black marker. I wrote and illustrated a 400-page novel when I was 12. I let a friend read it and she laughed at me. So I threw it away. I didn’t write again for more than 20 years. By then I was well into our journey with autism and needed an outlet to help me cope.


Today, our lives look very different than we ever expected. Follow along with me and be entertained how this autism family of flip flop wearing city slickers from Florida became hobby homesteaders with ten chickens in Virginia overnight. Laugh and learn with us as we figure it all out as we go. Thanks for being here.



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