The Name 122

Shortly after we bought our little homestead, thoughts of this blog began running through my mind. We are doing so many awesome things and learning so much along the way, I wanted to be able to chronicle our journey with words and pictures and memories.

As the thoughts of this blog were being mulled over in my mind, I kept leaning on a particular domain that had specific meaning to us. This may seem strange, but we name our homes. They’re not usually profound names. Our Florida home was named McKinley. There’s a complicated process to how we came up with that name. That’s a lie. The floor plan was called McKinley. So as we look at different floor plans before we bought that house, we just called them by their floor plan names to keep it compartmentalized in our brains.

When we were house shopping in Northern Virginia several months ago, we were considering Farmhouse, Wendy, Four, and Brown. Just random names that we gave to the houses to help us remember which house was which. We originally made an offer on Farmhouse, a gorgeous 5/4/door house (Colonial style house) on 7 acres with 23 heirloom shrubs from the Mount Vernon estate. {{{This spoke directly into our passions as we love history.}}} When that one wasn’t meant to be ours, we found The Wendy. When we saw Wendy, we had googly eyes and butterflies. We were actually calling her The Wendy on Ten, but eventually, she became affectionately called Wendy.

So when I was hemming and hawing about starting this blog, I just knew I wanted to use the name Wendy in the name. Until it came time to name my blog. The domain I wanted was available, as were several alternatives I picked just in case. But as I typed in the domain name, onetwentytwo just poured out. I didn’t know where to start because I had so many ideas running through my head. I had to settle on only posting twice on my first day!

So as the evening came along, my brother and I started texting and recalling some very sweet and vivid memories of our mom and dad. Once upon a happier time…when Dad was still living and my Mom could carry on conversation. My dad passed away more than 4 years ago, and since then my mother has been in failing health with an onslaught of dementia. A few simple words sparked an incredible memory with her that my brother was able to enjoy, and afterwards he told me all about it. Then he and I exchanged our memories of those times and those words that sparked my mother’s memories from 30 years gone by.

As this day ends, I kept thinking about onetwentytwo and the happy memories of my dad and mom. The name could also be 122. Or 1/22…as in January 22…my dad’s birthday.

dad and luke

But honestly, I wasn’t thinking about my Dad’s birthday when I named this blog. The connection only hit me after my brother and I texted and relived memories of our parents singing and laughing to an old song from yesteryear.

Oh, and because I have already been asked, one twenty two is simply my house number.

I’m so excited to begin sharing our journey at onetwentytwo. I hope you’ll stick around. I hope to share about our gardens soon, as well as some fascinating finds from our own backyard, and also maybe even a DIY or two.

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  1. Deborah Schreffler says:

    Looking forward to more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. triciasengul says:

      Thank you Debbie!


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