Furry Friends

Thanks for stopping by! Since you’ve already met our feathered friends, I thought it might be fun to introduce you to the four-legged furry ones, too.

Meet dog. Levi. Once upon a time, this puppy was a sophisticated prince that dwelled indoors and was afraid of raindrops and toads. Now he’s our full-time outdoor chicken-watching mutt that is afraid of raindrops and toads. And chickens. For the most part, he’s our gentle giant. And as you may guess from the pictures, he really likes cantaloupe and watermelon!




That last picture…he was such a good boy. A squirrel had entered into our fenced yard area. And it’s a well-known fact that dogs must chase squirrels. This squirrel had it comin’ to him though. I’m absolutely certain this squirrel is the thief that stole the last of my apples on one of our young apple trees! Seriously y’all…he took the apple off of our tree and sat on our picnic table to eat the apple! Twice! Both times, only eating half of an apple.


But, as I mentioned, pups was a good boy. And it was the squirrel’s lucky day. Because I just so happened to be in the garden picking some fresh basil when kamikaze squirrel entered the no-fly dog zone. The big boy caught the squirrel. I was able to intervene and give the command for dog to leave it and I pointed down [the sign for him to lay down]. Yes, we taught our dog sign language and he’s fluent with all of 3 commands. Dog obeyed and laid down and squirrel ran away. [Hence the biscuit treat because hims was a good boy, yes he is. Who’s a good boy?]

ADHD-squirrel remembered he had left some apple chunks on the fence though and seriously thought he should stop for his snack! I literally had to walk over to squirrel-missing-his-marbles to encourage him to uppity himself over the fence. And let that be a lesson to ya. I sure do hope he doesn’t return because next time I might not be there to save his bushy tail.


I just realized, it would have been the perfect opportunity for me to pull out some Jeff Foxworthy and yell out one word phrases, such as, “gitonouttahere.” I truly need to embrace my calling now that we are becoming preppers farmers rednecks locals hunter-gatherers homesteaders.

So anyways, there you have met dog. And bonus, you got to hear about Squirrel.

Meet cat numero uno. Monster. He is only the best cat in the world. Monster has many personalities, and a name for each one. Some days he’s Monty. Other days he’s Montague. Some days we call him Jealousy. Still other days we call him Diablo. But most days we can settle for Mr. Attitudinal. No matter what we call him that day, he’s still just the best cat ever. He thinks he’s one of the boys. When he’s around dogs, he thinks he’s a dog.

Un Gato has some serious stories. I wish I could tell them all to you today, but I could fill a book about Monster’s tales. I’ll only share the most obvious one, because everyone wants to know: “What happened to his ear?”

Our family was out of town for my dad’s funeral. A neighbor had brought a peace lily into our house as a sweet gesture. Monster ate part of the peace lily. Peace lily is poisonous. Somewhere in the middle of all that, Monster and cat Dos got into a spat. Monster’s ear got bitten. Monster’s bitten ear turned into an infected open wound. We arrived home in time to see sickly Monster with an ear swollen like a balloon. Monster almost died. After several weeks of meds and numerous ear surgeries, his ear was basically glued shut to prevent further infection. It adds to his character and really is fitting for him. But now he has a bad attitude most of the time.



Meet cat Dos. AKA Nuptial. Sometimes we call him Nacho. Whatever you want to call him, just don’t call him late for dinner. As you may surmise, Nuptial found us on mine and Husband’s wedding day. He’s my sweet lil punkin. And he’s so petite and tiny…in the same way a baby hippo is petite and tiny. Boy is rotund. But he’s got the best motor. When Nacho is happy, he has a big purr. Also, he’s got an awesome life. I mean, look at him.



This boy can’t jump. No, no, no, it has nothing to do with his size…geez how big did you think he was? When he was a kitten he got an infection on both paws and lost some toes. He can jump very short heights, but when he lands you can hear him groan and “oomph” on his landing. It’s actually quite pity-awful.

So now you’ve met the furry fiends at one twenty two. We’re off on an adventure today. Maybe we’ll discover something blog-worthy that I can share with you next week! Thanks for stopping by.

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