This Is Plumb Crazy

The plumber was supposed to arrive during a 4-hour window in the afternoon. He was late and arrived after 6 pm for what was supposed to be an assessment with potential work beginning tomorrow. Except the situation was desperate enough for the plumber to start on it tonight.

Backtrack a little

Last week we had flash flooding. We live at the very end of our street and downhill from the rest of the residents on the street. So when it rains, we get a lot of water. We also have a creek that sits just below our house, so we get A LOT of water. Well, flash flooding resulted in a leaking basement. All of our main level sliders leaked…all five.

This caused our sump pump to get backed up. We bought our house 4 months ago, so we have no idea when the sump pump was last serviced. The house is almost 30 years old. And let’s just say that it’s been so long since a plumber was here, that the pipes were no longer up to code. Old copper pipes that haven’t been used for plumbing in ages kind of oldness. At any rate, by the time the plumber got here this evening, we only had a very small number of flushes left before the entire system would regurgitate it all onto our basement floor.

If we had time on our hands to get multiple estimates and shop around for the best sump pump and labor we would have. But we didn’t exactly feel like pressing our luck with the remaining four flushes and not knowing when plumber number two [tee-hee] could be out. Basically, we were about to float down the you-know-what creek without a paddle.

When the plumber got here we let all of the boys have extra media time. I told the two boys they could play Wii but to please keep helping their brother find the videos he wanted to watch.

Five hours later…

At 11 pm the plumber was almost finished. Cleaning up and waiting on some glue to dry before testing things out.

And then there was an incident. An awful…horrible…smelly incident that involved a leaky connection and resulted in raw sewage spewing out all over the plumber’s face and body and all over the room. {sigh} The original owners of this house, yeah, they put carpet down in the utility room in the basement. And they put a rug on top of the carpet. This would be the same utility room where the washer, dryer, water heater, and sump pump all reside. I’m just at a loss for words about this.

Tomorrow is today

As tonight has become tomorrow, we are still without flushing toilets and the ability to use sinks while we wait for the finishing details on our new sump pump and pipes. The plumber is still working. The two boys are still up on the third floor playing Wii. The other boy managed to get the remote in his hands and has been replaying the same 3 second clip from a Baby Einstein video for the past hour. And this momma is tired and about to lose her mind with hearing the rooster crow in the Baby MacDonald DVD. Seriously y’all…I hear our own rooster cockle-doodle-doo I’m so done.

Ironically, if you follow my other blog Autism and Salvation, then you’ll know I share quite candidly about earning my PhD in Poo. You might be familiar with how a single diaper incident can cause as much as 14 loads of laundry in one day. Or maybe you’ve followed me over there long enough to know that I frequently walk into a room to find my autistic son without any pants on, or smelly and in need of a diaper change only to find that the diaper contents are missing. I often surmise “my life is poo.” Yeah…tonight tops all that.

That’s all for now, it looks like it’s time to ante up an arm and a leg. By the way, if you ever wanted to know what an arm and a leg looks like, it looks like this:


This is scary stuff y’all…like the kind of stuff horror movies are made out of. The sequel involves the utility room carpet.

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