Oh, The Browns…

Brown is one of my least favorite colors. Once upon a time, I think let’s go back to the late ’90s…brown was the new black. Everything was in shades of brown. I loved my brown shoes, brown purse, and everything from beige to the deepest shades of brown.

Now, I find the color brown to be almost depressing.

In all honesty, the color brown was almost enough for me to not want to consider the house we bought. When my husband showed me the pictures of this house when we were house-shopping I said nope, no, no way, uh-uh, forget it.

Let me see if I can paint for you a visual of our house.

The cedar-siding house sits nestled among the trees. The chalet-style cabin quietly rests in the center of ten densely wooded acres. Behind the house sits a cedar deck that spans the entire length of the house that includes a full array of seating arrangements and a private hot tub overlooking the densely wooded forest and creek that sits behind the house. Upon entering the house, your breath will be taken away by the immaculate extra wide wood staircase with custom made hand railing that leads to the second and third floors. Your eyes will instantly be drawn to the lovely teak wood floors. Upon closer inspection, you will see the hand-carved beveled details in the trimwork that flow throughout the entire house. The bead-board paneling lines every wall, capped with detailed chair railing that matches the detailed 6-inch base moulding. Some rooms have crown moulding. As you pass the stone accent wall you will enter the great room, where the opposite side of the stone wall reveals a 3-story high stone fireplace. As your eyes follow the stone masterpiece to the ceiling, your eyes will be drawn to the plank board ceiling throughout the house. When your eyes return to the main level, you will be captivated by the panoramic views of the woods behind the house. The back wall of the house opens in multiple locations to the deck that spans the back. Every window and doorway is dramatically draped with a handcrafted cornice to match the trim that is consistent throughout the entire house. A custom made bench lines the bay window in the dining room, as well as the bay window on the second floor. Another custom made bench with storage runs the length of the hallway below the stairwell. ….

In other words…the house is brown. I mean, really, ev.ry.thing.is.brown. Everything.

Don’t get me wrong, the house is absolutely lovely. But it is brown. From top to bottom. It is all brown. Any walls in the house that are not wood, are painted some variety of brown. The deck is also brown. The deck furniture is brown. Even the glass in the deck furniture is brown! Lord have mercy.

As much as I love living in our sweet little chalet…I find all of the brown to be rather depressing. I say that with as much uplifting candor as I can possibly muster up.

Our house in Florida was a new construction when we bought it. So very plain and basic. As we made that house reflect our personal style, we brought into it a monochromatic contemporary feel. Lots of gray, black, and white, with the occasional pop of red, bright blue, or orange, even yellow in a few places. We were slowly turning our dining room into a 50s diner with the diner table and matching red racer back chairs.  We had intentions of doing a black and white checkered floor with vintage red appliances and even a 50s car bench seat and front grill.

But now, we are all confused in brown. We haven’t quite gotten to the part yet where our new house feels like our home. We have our contemporary gray sofa, white rug, and bright red dresser that sit kind of awkwardly in our elegant lodge.

Anyways…making a short story really unnecessarily long, just to share with you this cute little DIY I did to bring a tiny little pop of color to my drab deck furniture.

Before…see, I wasn’t kidding about how much brown, even the glass is brown!




Take a little tour of my deck and notice all the brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, and more brown.

Eventually, I hope to paint all of the furniture and replace all of the cushions. The painting part will probably slowly happen over the rest of the summer. The cushions will happen after I inherit a small fortune. (We have the bar table and a grill blocking the exit points on the deck to keep the ASD-boy from wandering.)

I haven’t decided yet if I love the blue enough to want to do all of it that color. I’m thinking probably not. The colors that I love to use for pop just wouldn’t work well out here. I love bright red and orange. But I think those colors would better be served as accents in cushions or maybe even a rug.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to see how this color makes me feel when the hubs and I sit out here to enjoy our coffee in the mornings.


Painting this little table was easy. I picked a spray paint that was specifically made for outside metal furniture. The first step was taking the glass out and cleaning it all as best I could. I even lightly sanded it by hand before giving it a good wipe down. Next, I made sure to move far away from the cars and the house and the deck, because, well, because I don’t like the blue that much. I used a piece of scrap plywood underneath to keep it level and to help catch any of the excess…I still left a blue outline on the rocks by my shed. Oh vell.

After it was dried, I put the cleaned glass back in and viola!


It may not solve all my problems, but at least I’ll have a cheerful little table to sit by when I drink my morning coffee. And it’s no longer brown.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. tfrege says:

    I love the pop of color! Looks so refreshing! I’d do the same… I need colors (many!)… will you paint the deck at some point?


    1. triciasengul says:

      Eventually we may replace the wood decking boards with the synthetic boards that look like wood and have underdecking added as well. If we ever do that I might go for a lighter color. But unless I come into a really large stash of cashola, I’ll have to settle for the browns for now. 🙂


  2. Deborah Schreffler says:

    Love it! Red goes well with turquoise:) or the red that has a bit of orange to it. I say go for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. triciasengul says:

      I just may do that!! 🙂


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