Coop Diaries

Day 68 of our captivity.


The tall two-legged noisy ones caused quite a raucous in our coop today. First, they attempted to shoo us all into the roost. We outsmarted them by running underneath the roost just out of their reach. Sadly, they possess something called bamboo sticks that are long enough to reach us and with that, they can corral us in whichever direction they want us to go. Since we couldn’t remain out of their reach, we outsmarted them again by running into the roost. They shut us inside for some reason even though the sun is still out.

We weren’t able to see what they were doing, but we could hear their noises. A series of grunts and comments like, “P.U…this stinks,” and “man they sure are sloppy.” I have no idea what it all meant. After a few minutes of being locked in the roost, the door was opened and we were allowed to exit the roost.

When we got out of the roost, it appeared that they had stolen all of our spilled food and the coop floor was a nice shade a brown dirt again. In the run there was a fresh supply of straw. It was like Christmas morning, whatever that is supposed to mean.


We did our part to scratch it up in a few sections so we could take our dirt baths.


The next thing we know, they’ve locked us out of the roost! I mean, can they make up their minds already? Lock us in. Lock us out. Which is it?

As we watched them, the short one with the pony-tail appeared to be in charge, as the 2 noisy ones just seemed to follow instructions. The big one pushed some sort of contraption with two handles but only one wheel. They had these long poles with some sort of flattened metal end. All we could do from the corner of the run, was helplessly watch as they used the long poles to steal all of our comfy bedding out of the roost.


Eventually they opened up our roost again and there was fresh bedding and a couple of eggs in the nesting box. Do they even know how long we had to work to get that bedding to smell like that? Whatever they did to our old bedding, it must be gone, because we had to settle for that fresh stuff they laid down. And what is up with those eggs? I mean, do they really think we will fall for that old trick? SMH.


Until next time, signed,

Hay Hay, rooster in charge

We obviously had to clean the coop this week. We had a couple of days with cooler than usual temps and lower humidity, so it was the perfect time to get the coop cleaned.

A few of our girls are starting to show signs of possibly being ready for egg-laying soon. The wattles and combs on a couple of gals has enlarged and turned bright red. There’s also been a lot of amorous behavior from the roo, but most of the girls are still playing hard to get. The friendly folk at the feed store told me to try the ceramic eggs when I switched them over to layer feed. So, here we are.

We are looking forward to getting some fresh eggs soon!

Happy homesteading!

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