Fun At The Fair

It’s been a busy week for us. Thank goodness it’s…oh, wait, it’s not Friday yet. Oy.

We had to make a trip up to Philadelphia this week. If you’re interested in that, you can read about it on my other blog.

This week is also the local agricultural fair. We made plans to attend on the same day they were hosting a livestock sale. We weren’t planning to buy any new animals, but we were hoping to meet farmers and ask a few questions. But the livestock sale wasn’t like that at all. The animals that are for sale all have a ticket on them and you basically just take the animal tag info to whoever is manning the barn and buy the animal. [It’s been many years since we attended an Ag fair, and the last time we did go, we did get to meet the farmers to the animals. Except back then, we weren’t interested in buying any!]

That’s okay though, because we got to interact with a couple of different farm animals and we are pretty certain we are on the right track for what will come to live at 122 next!

This was our first time in many years going to an Ag fair. We really weren’t sure how well our middle son would do. We of course must always bring along a tablet for him to help him cope through over-stimulating events. The Ag fair certainly fits that criteria. But we were pleasantly surprised that we walked around for 10-15 minutes before reaching the point of no return by handing him the tablet. He had the one meltdown where he flailed on the ground. We require him to calm down before he gets the device, which he did once he got that out of his system.

After seeing the animals, our next priority was food. The oh-so-bad-for-you-deliciousness of fair food. If you’ve ever watched the movie Charlotte’s Web, this moment of sinful indulgence can be summed up in Templeton’s song of “the fair is a veritable schmorgasbord-orgasbord” of fair food…well, except we bought food we didn’t pull ours out of the trash cans.

We did not play any games or take any rides. Oh, there was the mechanical bull ride. The boy did surprisingly well, and stayed on for 20 seconds! Mostly, we just enjoyed walking around. We did sit to watch the little free circus. We weren’t exactly prepared to be amazed, just judging by the set up, it really didn’t look like much. I mean, the center rings were kind of pitiful looking, and the signs were made with PVC. We were expecting to get what we paid for. But we were pleasantly surprised. Hearing a variety of music that ranged from Twisted Sister to Abba while watching motorcycle stunts, flame throwing, and daredevil acrobatics was quite entertaining! We would watch them again.

We ended our evening at the fair just watching the illuminated ferris wheel while eating funnel cake. And of course, we left with cotton candy.

Here are some pictures from our fun night at the fair. The barn animals were adorable and they were all very interested in my phone. The cows all tried to lick it. And even though I can’t justify having a lamb, I would love to have one if it would always stay as sweet as the little one we saw last night. I mean, how am I supposed to resist that kind of adorableness?

So even though we didn’t get to talk to farmers as we had hoped we would, it was still a wonderful night. We were able to get the names of a couple of local farms, so hopefully that will get us started in the right direction for getting answers to our questions before we jump in head first with the next round of livestock we bring home. 🙂

If you’d like to read more about the autistic moments of our evening at the fair, you can read about it on the A&S blog.

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