Hooray! We have at least two chickens laying eggs!

We found our first egg yesterday afternoon.


What an eggciting day for us!

This rainy morning we found a second egg. It was actually still warm, so we must have just missed the girl. The two larger eggs are the ceramic eggs we placed in there to encourage the girls. I guess they’re working!


We have our suspicions for which girls are laying already, and that black feather next to the egg is one possible clue, since we only have one black australorp hen. However, there are a variety of feathers in the nesting boxes so it’s hard to say. The second egg is slightly larger and darker than the egg from yesterday.

One of our red sex link hens, Shadrach, was acting suspect earlier this morning, so we think she is actually the egg-layer today. But who knows! We’ve seen lots of submission to the roo from most of the girls, lots of baby-making activity, and almost all of the girls have bigger and brighter combs and wattles these days. The bantams still aren’t showing signs of being ready yet, but I also don’t know if the roo will try to mate with them or not.

The eggs are still smaller than normal chicken eggs, since these are the first ones. You can see by comparison it is quite a bit smaller. But look how beautiful!


We are absolutely thrilled to finally be getting some eggs! Though we were thinking we still had a few more weeks before it would happen.

I’ve been saving egg recipes. Once we have all our girls laying regularly, we will expect anywhere from 7-8 regular size eggs and 1-2 bantam size eggs a day. I don’t know about you, but we don’t eggactly go through that many eggs a day. I guess we need to up our game and start getting creative with egg dishes! 🙂

Happy homesteading and egg collecting!

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