Home Sweet Home

Here are a handful of my favorite things from the past two weeks.

Last week, I travelled to Salt Lake City for the global doTERRA conference. It’s always such a fabulous week. I love to hear about the success of the company, new products, the science behind it all, the charitable giving the company does, and now, how doTERRA is expanding into the medical facilities all over the US and has even began the construction of their very own clinic.

The week was incredible, with the release of 9 oils, including a new Yoga collection, a new hand sanitizing product, and a new diffuser. I got to meet with a healer who revealed an incredible insight to me that I was absolutely certain NO ONE in this world could ever know about me. Hearing her tell me this and recommend an oil and a couple of oil blends to help me was the catalyst for me to begin changing for the better. “Many times awareness alone creates motivation for change.” (Desiree Mangandog, LAc., M.S.T.O.M, I Am Fabulous, Blends for Emotional Well-Being, page 5.)

One of the highlights of my trip, was the hands-on experience of carrying an 80-pound basket of wintergreen leaves to simulate the Nepalese women who work tirelessly to harvest the wintergreen.

Of course, other highlights of the week include all the wonderful times I get to spend with my mentors, team, and friends–old and new! Lots of laughter, tears, encouragement, and adventure.

I will report, that I was very well-behaved on my trip. This coffee mug was my biggest splurge, and part of the cost went to Glory Haus, an Atlanta-based fair trade company that helps to give purpose and meaning to women transitioning out of homelessness.

IMG_20170913_121853 (1)

Here is another image showing the scripture. I did not buy the print, simply because I did not want to travel with it. But it may be something I will invest in down the road.


Lastly, it was such a sweet, sweet time to be back home with all my favorite guys. My middle son struggled the entire time I was away, making for an extremely difficult week for my husband to work from home. They managed, and my other two boys really stepped up to the plate to help out tremendously in my absence, all while still doing their daily homeschool work and farm chores.

The day after I got home, one of our crested cream legbar chickens laid her first egg, a blue egg! Still waiting on our other blue egg layer to start; she’s been in and out of the nesting box, so we think it’ll happen soon! And our second bantam still isn’t laying yet.


And look at this little one my son rescued…from the mouth of a chicken. Lucky toad!


It’s good to be home sweet home!


Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. tfrege says:

    I love Glory House! I got a mug from them to give as a bday gift. They have nice designs. I had no idea there was a big purpose behind the mugs, thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. triciasengul says:

      They had such beautiful stuff!


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