Queen Regina

Meet the queen.

THE queen.

The Queen.

Queen Regina. And, just so you know, that would be the Latin pronunciation of Regina, using a hard-g sound in Latin, not the soft-g sound in English.



This was the absolute largest mantis I’ve ever seen before. Hence the reason the boy named her Regina, which means queen in Latin.


We found her hanging out in the juniper garden. We hope that is her permanent home and that we get to enjoy her company again someday.


As we tried to put her back where we found her, she kept flying back to us. Eventually we were able to get her back on the juniper. My boy loves little creatures, I guess they love him, too.

One of the things my boy enjoyed the most, was getting to see her eyes. He enjoyed getting to see her pupils. He’s a smart one, that boy! He was telling me about the uniqueness of insects with compound eyes and pupils, such as the mantis as well as the cicada among others. Before he told me that, I had never considered that before.


My boy loves to name the creatures he finds. He has such a soft spot in his heart for all things living. He has the gentlest heart of anyone I know. He’s had a lifetime of practice being gentle. He will make a great shepherd one day.


Which brings me to my next thought. We are getting excited around here as we are starting to make plans for our next couple of furry living things around here! {Hint, hint}

I’ll be back in a few days with an update on our chickens and eggs. Thanks for stopping by!

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