End of the Summer Harvest

This was our first year of ever having a garden. I learned a lot this season about gardening successes and fails. While I was determined and hopeful that I could actually get a fall garden started, getting pregnant at the end of summer kind of changed those plans.

I kept putting it off and waiting to get started on the fall garden for one simple reason. My summer garden was still thriving.

I kept telling myself that as soon as I see indication that the plants are dying back for the fall/winter, or as soon as the harvesting slows down, I’ll start pulling plants up and working the new garden spots. I have been most anxious to get garlic started before our first frost.

Yet, here we are, well in to November already. As the second week in November is upon us, we are preparing for below freezing temperatures to hit us by the end of the week. This Florida gal is not really looking forward to that. Monday this week was the only day that it was not expected to rain before the freezing temperatures arrive. So I had to make sure that we finished up in our garden on Monday, or else the opportunity would just be gone.

So this is what the last of our summer harvest looked like yesterday (Monday).


In the top picture, I couldn’t leave my Cuban Oregano, I just had to pot it and bring it inside. From left to right: Almost impossible to see is a tiny little carrot right above the scallions. Then Cuban oregano, snacking tomatoes, the very last yellow tomato (still green), sage, sweet peppers, jalapenos, and sweet potato slips. Not pictured are the sweet potatoes we pulled up. We didn’t get a lot of sweet potatoes this season. I think I planted them too late. I have plenty to use for seed next year.

The other pictures are of the Cuban oregano that I potted, and the basket of goodies before I spread them out.

There were still hundreds of unripened little tomatoes on the two plants I had left. I cut many of the vines and set them out for the chickens to begin snacking on. Unfortunately, I did not get out to the garden in time to save any of our basil, thyme, or peppermint, and the chickens managed to get a hold of the rosemary several weeks ago. I was also too late to get the last several pods of beans.

Most of the Cuban oregano and sage I was able to tie up for drying. Seeing those hanging from my kitchen windows and seeing the sweet potato slips in a vase on my kitchen window is bringing a nice cheerful green inside to warm up these frigid cold and wet days ahead of us.

It’ll be interesting to see how our spring garden plans go, since I’ll be starting my third trimester before we can get any crops planted. Speaking of being pregnant, food cravings are raging for this momma. Mainly grilled red meat, but also spicy foods and a few odd combinations.


I’ve been craving kimchi like crazy lately. Not sure if that’s just my Korean heritage or if it’s a genuine physical need for fermented foods. Also craving pickles and olives. Was craving meatball subs recently, so the hubs and I made some of those: they were excellent. Grilled burgers–more about that in a minute. And pumpkin seeds. A couple of my boys helped me season a bunch of seeds in different flavors. They were a big hit, especially the sweet & spicy ones (for me at least).

One of the biggest cravings I have had lately is for Burger King Whopper burgers. The craving has been unrelenting and ridiculous. One evening on his way home from work, my husband stopped and bought me a Whopper. I inhaled it like you wouldn’t believe. It was as if I hadn’t eaten in months. It was so fulfilling and I slept great that night. The only regret that I had was that I didn’t ask him for TWO!

A Burger King craving was just totally weird for me. I haven’t had a desire for fast food in so long, especially not the BK. But after eating a Whopper, that’s all I wanted. I was hoping that eating one would satiate that craving. Oh no. It made the craving worse. That’s all I could think about. Here’s a text I sent my husband one day when he asked me what I wanted for dinner that night.

Screenshot_20171102-093313 (1).png

So my husband did the next best thing. We found a recipe for copycat Whoppers online, and he recreated the Whopper for me using better ingredients. (That’s what you see pictured above.)

The recipe was spot on and they tasted like Whoppers, only the homemade Whoppers were a million times better than the Burger King burger. Plus, I didn’t have the guilt and shame of eating fast food. Now if I could just get the husband to make them for me everyday, I think I would be all set.

Craving red meat is no surprise to me. I craved lots of red meat, and particularly, grilled red meat, with all three of my pregnancies before. It’s how we knew we were having a boy every time. My Chinese lunar calendar suggests we are having a girl this time, though my food cravings are generally the same. We shall see!

As far as weird combinations go, yeah, kimchi and scrambled eggs is up there. And, yes, guilty, I did have ice cream and pickles recently. I have no idea why. It’s entertaining at least.

My midwife did send me in for an ultrasound last week. I was hoping that we wouldn’t need one at all, but there were some concerns that justified needing the intervention. All is well. The ultrasound showed a BIG healthy baby jumping all over the place. The ultrasound also revealed that I’m a little further along than was originally estimated. We are still expecting a May birth, just a littler earlier. Potentially as much as 2 weeks farther along. It’s all so exciting, especially since I am finally feeling human again.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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