The Fun Never Stops

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

We had an interesting first experience last night. We were getting ready to put some kiddos to bed, and my husband decided to take a little bedtime snack out to the dog while the boys were changing into pajamas. Apparently a bat came in when my husband came in.

We were kind of startled to see a bat flying around the lights in the ceiling fan. We decided to go ahead and put the kids to bed and then try to find the bat. Oh, the best laid plans.

We got the Handsome boy to bed and gated him in his bedroom. When I went to say goodnight to my other boys, they were nowhere to be found. Turns out they were on the 3rd floor bat-hunting with my husband.

As I was making my way up to the third floor (kinda on the pokey side being pregnant and all, stairs are not my friend), something caught my eye. It was the bat. It had found a little hiding spot and nestled up against the side of the stone fireplace that leads up to the 2nd floor.


You can’t tell in the picture, but maybe 6-8 inches above where the bat is hiding, there’s a little opening where the trim meets the wood ceiling planks. I had never noticed it before. Not until it became a possibility for a 2-inch long bat to find the perfect hiding spot. Thankfully it stayed on the stone.

Up to this point, my two boys were pretty freaked out about a bat flying around in the house. I must admit I was also a little concerned about how we would catch a flying bat. We don’t have a fishing or butterfly net, all we have a kid’s 6-inch bug net. I had the mental image of one of us standing on a ladder and swiping at the bat with the little bug net. I had the image of cats hunting the bat and someone getting hurt. I also had the nightmarish image of waking up to a bat infestation with guano covering every inch of space in the house by the morning. And then I also had the mental image of a bunch of us running around screaming and cowering under our arms and hands with a bat flying all around us.

But this little guy was just quietly tucked away in the most natural hiding spot it could find. Clever little thing.

Luckily, even though the bat is hiding in the highest point of our stone fireplace, it happens to be within my reach from the second floor. I was able to reach right over with the bug net and nudge him with a pencil eraser.


The little thing was so calm. I was worried that my pushing it with the pencil would make it go nuts and start flying all over again. But it took the gentle hint and slowly climbed into the net. It stayed calm. I was able to bring the net down and hold it in my hand so my boys could get a good look at it.


It was the cutest little thing and had the sweetest little face. It’s wings were beautiful and the little claw-like fingers were so intricate. I was amazed at how thick and lush its fur was. It is truly awe-inspiring to look at something so tiny and see how God has provided such an incredible coat to protect this little one from the nighttime temperatures that dip below freezing.

After my boys got in a good look and my oldest was done snapping pictures, the hubs and I took the little one outside. Its claws were catching on the net fabric, so my husband reached in to help loosen it from the net and it just crawled along his hand for a moment and looked up at us both before it gracefully and silently flew into the night.

My boys were thrilled to get a close up of something they had previously been nervous about. They also had a great biology lesson in seeing this beautiful little creation. They were surprised by how small it was, and we were all amazed at how calm it was throughout the entire catch and release process. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you little bat.

Thanks for stopping by tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!

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