It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Home.

We’ve been in our home for 9 months now. For most of the time, this house has not felt like my home. It’s been tough for me to feel at home for a few reasons.

I won’t go into all those reasons today. But mainly, the house hasn’t felt like my home because it still has a bunch of the previous owner’s stuff in it. Not in a creepy way or in a hoarders sense. But the house was custom built and has a lot of built ins. Much of our own furniture feels displaced and unusable.

But something happened this week that changed the homeyness of the home. We decorated for Christmas.


I will admit. I wasn’t really in the mood to decorate for Christmas. My husband wanted to decorate before Thanksgiving. I kept putting it off. We finally set up the tree after my husband brought it up from the basement and added a little bit of pressure to me, knowing I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing the box.

We set up the tree and it sat bare for a couple of nights before we had the opportunity to string up the lights. Then it sat with just lights for a couple of nights before we unpacked the ornaments.

Once we got started, my Christmas cheer poured in and I was all in. We set up the main tree with all our favorite ornaments. Then we set up the palm trees. Then we set up the trio of small trees on the front porch. Then we set up a skinny tree with colorful lights.


We set out all the decorations, even the tiny mini tree on the dining table. A few years ago we took a vacation for Christmas and picked up the mini tree to set up in our hotel room. It sure brought back some sweet memories.

Also, see the little blue chicken ornament? I made that this week. The pattern was from a chicken my middle son drew before we bought our chickens. He drew a bunch of those chickens and then I set out the watercolors for him, and he painted one of them a bright blue. I had to frame the artwork because I just loved it so much. (It’s in the blue frame underneath the stair rail where I have the stockings hanging.)

Do you notice anything else? I hung up my old diner curtains from our Florida home. All the feels. Did you know when I had to start packing up my home in Florida, I cried as I took these little curtains down and folded them? I cried many other times, but I specifically remember how emotional I was with taking these down.


I wanted to set up all of our Nativity displays. I was thinking I only had one or two. Turns out we actually have several. And while most of them are toys, they are still sweet to set out and look at.

The wreath is precious to me. I made that wreath the year my youngest was born, ten years ago! The little berries are falling off and I had to reattach a few pieces after hanging it up. The wreath will be retired after this season. I will just have to make a new one next year, one that will show our family of SIX! And also, my trio of trees…the hubs bought those for me for our first Christmas with our oldest. It was the first time we ever decorated for Christmas. Within minutes of decorating the little trees, one of the cats got caught in the lights and knocked it all over. This year we decided to use the extra large bulbs on the little trio.

We even got the cat decorated for Christmas.


The poor old fella is slowing down and all he wants is to lay by the fire these days. He stays cold most of the time and he loves his sweater.

Finally, I leave you with this.


I’m almost to the halfway point!

Merry Christmas folks. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to be back soon to tell you about how I finally solved an expensive window dilemma for 11 bucks!

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  1. Yvonne Norton says:

    loved this! you look great! I am so happy for you and look forward to many more updates. love, Yvonne

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad to see you are growing so beautifully!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dawnee says:

    House looks lovely!

    Sooo excited about the ‘little one’ in your womb! Happy you are feeling so much better.

    Merry Christmas with buckets of love and a tight hug!

    Liked by 1 person

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