$11 Window Fix

I’ve been anxious to tell you about this window.

It’s been a problem that I’ve struggled with since we bought the house. It’s odd shaped, with odd shaped dimensions, with a semi-circular top that is not a true semi-circle. That doesn’t even describe all the issues with it. The windows open from the center to outward, have these rustic antique cranks. Not to mention the base of the window is floor level, on the THIRD floor. I’ve always been scared that boys would be roughhousing on the third floor and one would fall through the window, and thus fall 3 stories.


When it is dark outside, you can see right into this room. With the trees bare, you could see the lights from this room from the street. In the picture above, you can see the top of our driveway in the window.

I just didn’t like that there was total visibility into this room.

I thought the easiest thing to do would be to have custom blinds made for this window. But several challenges were presented. The size, the semi-circle, the window cranks, the mounting space available, the fact that it is three separate windows.

For some windows, you can cover the bottom half and leave the top half exposed. But this particular window is so low, the entire thing needs to be covered.

I decided to price out a custom covering for the top section only and then put a curtain over the lower half.

Ouch. $297 kind of ouch. For one covering. Um, no thanks.

Enter $3 paper blinds from Aldi and/or Ikea. These were a weekly special at Aldi, but I know Ikea sells them all the time and for the same price.

I had this brilliant idea. What if I took one of the paper blinds and opened it up with the bottom and the top side by side, and opened it up like a paper fan. In theory, that could cover the semi-circular opening, right?



I had to use two paper blinds and trim off several inches. I eyeballed it and joined them together in the center. In the picture above, you can see that the two blinds are cut and taped to the window.

I am no mathematician or engineer by any stretch of the imagination. So for me, it took lots and lots of trial and error to get them trimmed to fit. Once I got the blinds taped to the frame, I extended one as far as I could, and trimmed away any excess that was too long. Once I was satisfied with one half, I moved on to repeat the process for the other half.

It seemed like it would be simple enough to just cut each one to half the width of the semi-circle. But the height of the window was not half of the width. So the odd size meant that the ends had to be tapered shorter as the blinds were extended to the center.

Eventually, I had trimmed enough to bring them both to the center and I taped them together using double sided tape.


Not a perfect solution, not a perfect fit. I had the two blinds together in the bottom center when I should have allowed some clearance between the two blinds to open up. But, for $6 in paper blinds, I am very pleased!

To finish off the window, I picked up a $5 sheer and cut it in half. For one half, I used the top hem provided to hang the sheers with, for the second half, I just used the bottom hem to hang them from. Using fusible webbing that I already had on hand, I hemmed up the new fresh cut bottoms of each half using the webbing and an iron. Then I hung up each new little panel using suspension rods I already had. Because the width was so small, I was able to get by without having to double up the panels.


This lets in just enough sunlight during the day, and provides an opaque protection from visibility from the outside. Obviously, lighting and silhouettes would be visible, but full visibility is now blocked.

So there you have it, my custom made window solution for $11. Even if I had to buy the suspension rods, I would have still been able to complete this project for under $15. As opposed to $297 for just the top half.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope this little DIY inspires you.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of the little snow dusting we got from Winter Storm Benji this weekend. We were just on the outside of the storm, so all we got was about an inch of covering that melted the next day.


I’ll be back soon to share more about our new livestock! I’m so excited!!


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  1. Yvonne Norton says:

    great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dawnee says:

    You’re amazing!


    1. triciasengul says:

      Nah, just needed to not spend $300 on a window covering! πŸ™‚


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