I Can’t Wait Any Longer

Okay, okay. I can’t keep it to myself any longer.

We bought Nigerian Dwarf goats! Four actually.


The white one and the black one are ours!Β 
When they saw my boy, all 75 goats ran up to greet him.

We don’t get to bring them home until April. They are both due in March and in April the kids will be weaned onto bottles. We will be bringing home two male kids as well.

So, that means we will be bringing home FOUR goats in April!

My husband is on vacation this week and next. But of course, we had to visit a couple of our favorite vacation spots…which I guess are considered staycation spots for us now that we are in Virginia.


We spent a few hours at Colonial Williamsburg one day and another day we checked out the Museum of the Bible in DC. We’ve been visiting Colonial Williamsburg for years. The Museum of the Bible just opened in November and what an amazing place to visit! We were very impressed with the artifacts, scrolls, ancient writings, and amazing artwork. Also, the exhibit of how the Bible has influenced pop culture and everything from music to literature to fashion was fascinating.

Just for fun, here’s a fun picture showing our first trip to Williamsburg and our most recent. They went from babies to men in a hurry. The span is only 4 years!


So this will probably be it until after Christmas. I’ll plan to be back on here soon after Christmas to share with you how we cleaned up the landscaping at our front porch and how we are planning to house a handful of goats in the spring.

I’d like to wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas and also take the time to thank you for following along with our story.

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  1. Yvonne Norton says:

    Merry Christmas to you, sweet friend. I love following your family’s adventures. The boys have grown so much!

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