Goat Shed Two

After building our first goat shed, now simply referred to as the barn, we took a teeny tiny break from building anything. We spent a couple of weeks just enjoying our goats and the fruit of our labor. But then we had to get busy with extending the yard and building a shed for the bucks. Our buck Boaz is quickly reaching sexual maturity and will need to separated from the does soon.

First we had to extend the yard. Our original plan was to extend by about 1000 square feet. When we got started, we realized we could not do that much because the tree roots along the woodline would not allow it. We just don’t have the time, equipment, or desire to eliminate the trees or tree roots. So we had to reduce the extension considerably, to roughly 660 sf.

The guys got started on the fence on March 18. The temps were still really cold but we had rain, so the ground was soft enough to dig. But then it snowed again and halted progress for a week. In the meantime, we accidentally bought two baby chicks. Whoops.


I ran into a lady selling her silkie chicks. I was not particularly interested in getting silkies, but my youngest son has been begging for some since last year. How can I say no? Meet Columbus and Anakin. I’m hoping they are pullets, but I’m pretty sure the lady selling them was just trying to get rid of her extra roos. Oh well. They’re so sweet and cute. And fuzzy.

After adjusting and readjusting our dimensions, the fence was finally completed on the 25th.

We wouldn’t be able to start on the smaller goat shed until the weekend because the husband does still have a day job. {Eye roll}

But, during the week, we did get our second fireplace install completed. Here are some quick pix of both. The backing is being custom made and won’t be ready for a couple weeks. The fireplace lining and the new backing will finally bring an end to the bats coming in through the fireplace. Oh, when the old stove came out, no live bats came out with it. I’ll just leave that right there.

Back to the goat shed. Husband had Good Friday off from work, haha. Off. It ended up being a full day of work, more than an 8-hour day. He had hoped to finish up on Sunday, Easter, so much for taking the Sabbath…but by the end of Sunday, he and our eldest were just poopered out.

After he worked his day job on Monday, we collectively threw in several hours of work to get the job completed by the time it got dark. So from start to finish, the second goat shed was done in about three days, including the tedious jobs of building a door, bedding, feeding trough, and attaching the feeders.


As you can see, we decided to keep the style of the rustic split rail fence to match our existing fence. We opted for a heavier duty wire and unfortunately it wasn’t available in black to keep with the same look. But we are so pleased with the no-climb fencing and are planning to buy a couple more rolls of it to use for our permanent garden fence.

For the bucks’ shed, we decided to make a small enclosed room to protect from the elements, and attach an open air room as well. This way at night, we can lock our bucks in their shed and open the gate so the dog can protect both sections of the yard while keeping the bucks completely separated from the does yard. The bucks will be able to go in and out of their closed room to the screened room anytime. During the day, the main gate to the yard will be closed and their house door will be open giving them the freedom to move about. Unfortunately, we just don’t have a way to allow the dog to stay with the bucks throughout the day without keeping the bucks and does separated.

A livestock guardian dog and a barn cat or two are next on the list of acquisitions for our little farm. Can you believe I am having difficulty finding an outdoor cat? I’ve asked around and cannot find an outdoor cat. Certainly someone has a kitten they need to get rid of, right? Anyone? {Crickets}

So all the goat building stuffs are completed for now. We have a little bit of time before we must needs get that kidding stall or two built in the barn. If we ever find a cat, we will have to install a cat door somewhere on the barn so the cat can come/go as needed even if the barn door is closed.

But otherwise, we are now full-on about to panic because we still didn’t get the baby’s room done. Oh, and I’m having a baby next month.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m going to get working on the baby’s room right away. As soon as we finish homeschool, lunch, and laundry today, and then I’ll need to clean up the kitchen and vacuum, and then play with my goats and chickens, too. But then I’ll work on the baby’s room immediately after that. I think. 😐

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