Baby’s Room Reveal!

As promised…I am finally ready to show you how our little baby’s room came to be.

First, it’s not really a room. We don’t have a bedroom for the baby.

One of the biggest thumbs down for buying this house, was that there were only three finished bedrooms. We have a fourth unfinished bedroom in the basement that is currently being used as my husband’s home office since he works from home almost exclusively.

Eventually we may see to finishing the basement, at which time we may turn that bedroom into a guest room or potentially a shared room for two of my boys. But in order to finish the bedroom and make it usable, we would really also need to finish that rough-in bathroom…not to mention deal with that sump pump vent that makes the basement really stanky, enclose the utility room because the washing machine is loud, finish the floors because they’re dusty, dirty, and cold, and there’s also all that clutter because the basement is the catch-all storage space for everything, and I mean everything. Oh, there’s also this thing called money.

Translation, the basement bedroom ain’t happenin’ anytime soon.

On the main level, we have two bedrooms that three boys occupy. The 2nd floor is the master suite. The 3rd floor is a giant playroom, not ideal for a bedroom because the closest bathroom would be the master bathroom, plus the temperature is hard to regulate up there, it’s usually either too hot or too cold with no happy medium.

Bottom line, we have no extra bedroom to spare for the baby. So where are we putting the baby?

Answer: the master bedroom closet.

We’ve been working on it in tiny amounts since January and we are finally finished!

So when we first started, we had four walls of wire shelving from floor to ceiling…just like this:


It was an effective and utilized the space well. As you can see, it was a little bit of overkill for the amount of stuff we had in there. This was the wall we decided to take apart and put the crib against.

A relatively easy job that looked like this for quite some time afterwards:


Eventually we reached this point:

IMG_20180210_141223.jpgSince we left up the wire shelving on the other three walls we did not paint those walls, only the wall with the crib. We left the “room” like this for weeks. And the more I looked at it, the more it really bothered me.

I decided the room with the open wire shelving, clothing storage on all sides, and misc stuff in random sized boxes was extremely stressful and cluttered. The more I thought about it, the less happy I was with this space. I told my husband that this was just not going to work out for the baby and we HAD to change out the shelves to enclosed storage.

He agreed with me wholeheartedly. The problem though, is that we were hip-deep in preparing for our goats and fast running out of time to get the barn built before the goats arrived.

But as bad weather kept coming and going, it permitted us little slots of time here and there to begin transitioning the closet to a less stressed and less cluttered space.

This wall housed most of my husband’s hanging clothes. The wall to his left in the picture housed bath towels and all manner of miscellaneous items that really didn’t need to be in our closet but were because we had the space there to hold the randomness.


All of my husband’s clothes came across to the opposite side of the closet to where I stored my clothes.


Once we got to this point, we got busy and knocked out my husband’s side in a couple of days. One day to prime and paint, the next day to build out two of the wardrobes.


Husband took one wardrobe and I took the other. We still had the other half to contend with, but it would be a while before we got to it, because we got busy building a fence and smaller goat shed.

After it looked like this for a while, we finally got the shelves taken down. Eventually the holes were filled in, the walls were sanded down, and then my good ol’ friend tack cloth came out again.


Another day spent priming and painting.


A few finishing touches, and viola!


Just FYI, it does bother me that there is a mixture of black, white, and wood grain in this room. But at least the things that were visually cluttered, like hanging clothes are now streamlined behind doors.

We have obviously decided on a buffalo check theme for the room. We even changed out both light switch covers and an outlet face. There were quite a few outlets in the closet, but only one is left accessible after the wardrobes were put in.


But of all the little finishing touches that bring the room together, my absolute favorite is the crib mobile. Several weeks ago a couple of my boys picked out a small mobile that had little insects on it. It was cute, but we knew it wouldn’t really match the theme we had picked out for the room.

It bothered my youngest son as much as it did me. One day as he and I were discussing it, he asked if we could just make a crib mobile for the baby. We brain-stormed some ideas, looked up pictures to get ideas, and then he decided to take ownership of that idea.

What he decided on, was to build a mobile to match the theme out of origami. My son loves to fold origami. We haven’t had a chance to hang it up yet, but here he is with his finished product.


The crib mobile has a tree in the center and two woodland animals on each arm of the mobile. An acorn and a squirrel, bat and tortoise, raccoon and bear, and rabbit and fox. He used a natural twine and Tinker Toys to hold it all together. We will hang it from the ceiling soon!


{Here are most of the origami pieces, the bat had not yet been folded when I took this.}

It took us more than three months, but we finally finished the baby’s room. I’ve been enjoying the space much more and have started the fun process of buying stuff for the baby. Have I ever mentioned how I don’t like shopping? Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I’ve been ordering like crazy off of our Amazon baby registry. I’m afraid our mail carrier is going to blacklist us soon from all the package deliveries we have. 😐

Thanks for stopping by today and taking a little tour of the baby’s room!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yvonne says:

    It looks fabulous! !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dawnee says:

    Aloha Sengul Family…. you are amazing!! Love the nursery!
    Paul, the mobile is awesome and perfect! I had the origami you made me until our recent move and somehow it disappeared ☹️.
    So excited about Baby Sengul! He’s going to be one blessed youngster with the best brothers in the world!
    Love and miss you all 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. triciasengul says:

      I’m sure Paul would be more than happy to make you another origami piece!


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