Piddling Around

So we have come upon the final weeks (days??) of my pregnancy. Most of our major chores have been accomplished, you know, except for that whole having a baby business. Just waiting on the little bun to finish baking in the oven.

This post will contain a lot of pictures. First, the pregnant gals…

As you can see I’m ready to pop. Princess looks like she could pop, too, but unfortunately for her, she still has a couple of months to go! Yikes! I can’t wait to see how many she kids in July. My boys are excited about the addition of a human baby and goat babies. My youngest son is especially excited about getting to help with Princess’s delivery. He takes his role as Junior Farmer quite seriously.

Next up, Reuben update.…we love this cat! He has been the perfect addition to our little farm and family. He hangs out on the deck or porch daily. He ventures off daily. He literally hangs out around the barns. He’s becoming friends with all the creatures big and small. I still don’t trust him around the chicks, but he leaves the hens alone now. I think he may have learned the hard way that they aren’t as easy to catch and make a meal of than he would like to think. He usually avoids them when they are out. 🙂 Reuben recently met my middle son on the deck. Did you ever watch the movie “Up”? Do you remember the line when Russell and Mr. Fredrickson meet Dug for the first time? Dug says to them, “I just met you and I already love you.” Yeah, that = Reuben. He’s the best. He’s always so happy to see us. And I think he knows he’s part of our herd now. {{{insert heart and googly eyes}}}

Next update is about the chicks. They are all growing so quickly. The silkies and Americaunas have been permanently moved outside. The Marans don’t like that arrangement and cry for their Americauna sisters every night. It has been warm enough to let all of the chicks out during the day, but we still bring the Marans in at night because they aren’t fully feathered yet. We also still have to keep the bigger chicks separated from the hens, as they are still acclimating. My youngest son found this metal rooster and thought it needed to go in the chicken run. The boys still miss their roo.

We finally finished the garden fence. We love this no climb livestock fencing, and don’t usually struggle with it so much, but man was it a beast to unroll this particular one. My husband and oldest son built a nice little garden gate and dug in all the posts, and then we began the difficult task of unrolling the wire. It eventually got completed, but we were exhausted by the end. And our bolt cutters broke, so my husband had to clip the heavy gauge wire with smaller hand snips. Not good for that elbow injury he’s been nursing for the past 4 months.

As you can see, we had a helper with the gate. When we were fighting with the fencing, the goats and chickens kept pushing over the unrolled/unstapled fencing so they could walk on it or lay on it. That was…um…helpful. We got one of the apple trees fenced in the garden, that better keep the goats from eating my little tree! And the other apple tree got it’s own wrap around of fencing. I hope the trees can be salvaged this year, as the girls did a number on them.

Now that the garden fence is complete, I can set up my greenhouses and harden off some plants I started indoors. I’m a little behind on getting my tomatoes and peppers started, but I hope to at least get those started in trays in the greenhouses once they are set up. It’s been too hot these last couple of days for me to try to work on it (temps above 90 this week!). I’m planning to work on that this weekend if I don’t pop in the meantime.

Finally…nesting. No, not chickens…but the preggo mama here. Nesting phase has seriously started. After laundering all of the baby’s new bed linens, I decided I wanted something a little different. I could not find the color/pattern I wanted for a reasonable price or in the material I desired, so I went to a couple of fabric stores and decided to make crib sheets. I sewed three crib sheets and a reversible crib skirt that I can rotate around depending on which crib sheet is being used. I also made some burp cloths and a little faux quilt with leftover fabric pieces.



So what started out as a little sewing project turned into a 3-day marathon. And yes, that is three sewing machines and a huge stack of fabric taking over the dining room table.

But the final result is a much better coordinated crib, cooler material for the sheets, and bonus, when I was pleased with those results, I was able to finish putting together my home birthing kit and other essentials needed for delivery day. The car seat is installed now. And I even got the baby’s new essential oil roller blends completed and on the changing table. Score for feeling accomplished.

I’ve been dusting and vacuuming and organizing like crazy as well. The pick up truck is overflowing because I also pulled a ton of, well, let’s just call it “stuff,” a ton of stuff out of the basement that just needs to go bye-bye. Extra linens and towels for home birth are cleaned and ready. Bathrooms are cleaned. Animal feed is well stocked. Baby’s clothes are washed and hanging. Diapers are laundered and ready to go. I gave a double knock out to the to-do list and am reaching the point where I seriously need to just sit down with my feet up.

I’m really not sure how much longer before the baby arrives. But since we don’t have any more major projects around here for a few weeks, I may not be back on here with any posts until after the baby arrives. I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible to update with that news though.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Dawnee says:

    The Sengul Family rocks! Praying strong for your home birth to go beautifully.
    Oceans of love from Hawaii…

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